Famous Landmarks You Have to Visit in Nashville

Famous Landmarks You Have to Visit in Nashville

You know how there are certain places you absolutely must see when you visit certain places? For example, when you visit New York, you MUST see the Statue of Liberty. Well, Nashville is no different. Nashville is obviously the “Country Music Capital of the World,” so, of course, there is a plethora of famous musical landmarks to see. But music isn’t the only thing that makes Nashville so unique.

This musical city is a smorgasbord of art, history, learning, and culture. And while there is so much to see and do in Nashville, it can be a little overwhelming for some. But that is okay, don’t stress just yet. We have taken the time out to personally let you in on the most famous landmarks in Nashville so that you don’t feel like you missed something when you come to visit. From visiting live music bars on Broadway to getting a breathtaking view of the Nashville skyline on a showboat, visiting these famous landmarks won’t leave you suffering from FOMO (fear of missing out).

The General Jackson Showboat

Why not get your trip to Nashville kicked off “rollin’ on the river” with lunch or dinner and a show on the Cumberland River? The General Jackson is an exact replica of a four-deck, vintage paddlewheel steamboat that sails at a maximum of 13 miles per hour, with daytime and nighttime cruise options. This majestic showboat can hold 1,000 people, plus its crew members has a two-story Victorian theater, and, of course, great live music of various genres. The General Jackson is definitely a Nashville experience you don’t want to miss! 

Legends Corner

Just as Nashville is most known for its deep roots in country music, Legends Corner is equally notable for its deep roots in hosting raw, local talent that utilized this famous bar as the steppingstones to launch the careers of some of today’s biggest names in country music

Legends Nashville is also widely recognized not only as one of the most famous live music bars on Broadway, but also for its ambiance the moment you enter the venue. Once you enter, you are immersed in country music history. There are country music album covers all over the walls, a guitar that once belonged to Johnny Cash, vinyl records on the bar top and tables, and the most recognizable feature, the iconic mural of country music legends painted outside on the side of the building as well as inside the venue on the second level. If you are going to pay Broadway a visit, you cannot do so without stopping by Legends Corner! 

The Music City Walk of Fame

If you think Hollywood, California is the only place where you can see a list of stars embedded on sidewalks, think again! Nashville houses the southern version with the Music City Walk of Fame. This iconic landmark trail pays homage to musical greats from various genres of music, including Roy Orbison, Jimi Hendrix, the Fisk Jubilee Singers, Elvis Presley, Captain Tom Ryman, and many more. What is even better is that this historical landmark is free to the public. So, if you are in the area; you have no excuse not to visit the Music City Walk of Fame. 

The Parthenon

Known as the centerpiece of Centennial Park, the Parthenon is a depiction of how Greece was brought to the Athens of the South. This historical landmark is a full-scale replica of the original majestic Greek temple in Athens. It features a museum of Nashville history and art exhibits, with a grand finale of a full-scale replica of the 42-foot-high statue of the Greek goddess Athena Parthenos, just as it stood in ancient Greece, which is covered in gold leaf.  

The Grand Ole Opry

Last but certainly not least, you have the Grand Ole Opry, which is where country music artists perform and know they’ve “made it.” This iconic venue is home to the longest-running live radio broadcast in the world, and famously known for introducing country music into the homes of millions across the US. The Grand Ole Opry started in the Ryman auditorium until it was moved to The Opry’s current home, but as a tribute, the wooden circle of the stage was removed from the Ryman and placed in the center of the Opry stage. 

Two great aspects of the Opry are that you not only get to see live performances there, but you also get to tour the historic venue and see backstage, plus take a picture standing on the iconic circle where country music greats have performed and take pictures there. A trip to Nashville isn’t complete without seeing where it all started.

Don’t Miss Out on All that Nashville Has to Offer

From honky tonks to an iconic showboat, there is so much to see and do in Nashville that you don’t want to miss out on. Luckily, the five famous landmarks listed above are the very locations you can visit and you can have an overall good feeling that you weren’t slighted during your visit. But, of course, if you want to truly get the full experience of Nashville, you have to have an extended stay or come more than once. 

Legends Corner is located at the heart of Nashville and is just a stone's throw away from more of Nashville’s iconic and historical landmarks for more visits. So, the next time you’re in town, definitely pay us a visit, and you can hear it straight from the locals where you need to visit next.

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