Corporate Events At Legends Corner

After a long day with deadlines and strong goals, your employees could be at a loss of energy and could use some hard-earned recognition. Legends Corner is here to help! We offer you the best live music that can help you energize your employees and let them know you appreciate their hard work.

Situated in Downtown Nashville, this dive bar/honky-tonk offers the best entertainment in town. Considered as one of the best Nashville bars, our team is experienced with putting on corporate events that provide an exciting atmosphere that will be the talk of many break rooms for months to come. Since the bar is located in the heart of the city, in Nashville’s Broadway, it is ideal for any event or private gathering.

What type of events do we offer?

Legend Corner is perfect for corporate events, entertainment, birthday celebrations, fundraiser events, small to large parties, or other intimate events. The atmosphere is built around the great live country music and will make sure this is the event of the year for your business!

What do we provide for your corporate event?


Trying to find the best corporate event venues is not a cakewalk. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered, such as great drinks that your attendees will love. Here, at Legends Corner, you don’t have to worry about that since we are a full-service bar. We have skilled bartenders who are able to provide top-quality cocktails and beer for your event.

The Perfect Atmosphere With Live Music Performances

We can also help you organize special music-themed events to entertain your corporate guests so they can see what Music City is all about. Legends Corner is best known to offer weekly performances by some of the most promising up-and-coming musicians in the music scene, but we also have had country legends perform on our stage like Toby Keith, Darius Rucker, Justin Moore, Luke Bryan, Big and Rich, and more.

We understand that finalizing corporate events venues is not a simple task; hence we try to make it easy on you by having regular bands

You don’t need to step to massive amphitheaters because, at Legends Corner, you can be part of the experience. These performances are rated as some of the best social events and are sure to enhance yours and your attendee’s moods.

Why Legends Corner For Your Corporate Event?

Besides everything listed above, Downtown Nashville is known for its honky-tonks, bars, and pubs. There are many corporate events held here, but nothing beats the music and entertainment that Legend’s Corner can provide. Thanks to our atmosphere, location, live entertainment, personal stage, and latest equipment, we are your premier corporate event venue.

Legends Corner believes that corporate event entertainment is not limited to drinks and food. It goes beyond that; here you can experience the popular faces of the music industry and the music from their angle, by putting you write in the heart of their performance. The music will let you unwind from the daily stress and enjoy yourself. The musicians who frequent our stage wear their hearts on their sleeves, and want to provide you with the best possible form of entertainment they can!

Coming up with corporate event ideas and finding the right event venue can be a daunting task. Luckily, we have loads of experience with putting on events, from small parties to large events like event after-parties.

When it comes to corporate parties, many event ideas may pop up in your mind, but nothing can beat the live music that Legends Corner provides. Expert musicians craft our music experience and we have experienced bartenders who can serve you with the drinks of your choice. You don’t need to make any further arrangements. Just hold on, book your venue in advance, and rest leave on us.

We, at Legend’s Corner, provide quality event planning services. We plan all our music events in advance and will work with you to make your corporate event special. All the events and artists are mentioned on our website and it is updated regularly to make you aware of the latest musical act. You can organize corporate events with us without any hiccup because we believe in transparency.

If you also want to organize a large event corporate party, we accommodate these as well. We guarantee you an out-of-this-world music experience to turn your event up a notch!

Whether your team has won an award, vying to improve your sales, or you just wish to improve the productivity of your employees and you want to show your gratitude to them, we can provide everything needed for your corporate event. View the full calendar and begin planning your event now!

We are the sister bar to The Stage on Broadway which holds corporate events as well. If you are interested, please reach out to learn more!

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