Country, Blues, and Jazz: Nashville Has It All!

Country, Blues, and Jazz: Nashville Has It All!

New York might have the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, and Florida might have Disney World, but neither of these locations or anywhere else in the United States can claim to be "Music City." And Nashville is proud to live up to this name. 

Nashville has always been known as the home of country music. Its rich, storied history and a long list of famous artists, songwriters, and performers created the foundation- the very soul- of what residents and visitors alike proudly call Music City.

While its rock-solid association with country music cannot be disputed, the vibrant Nashville music scene has diversified over the years, encompassing various genres such as rock, pop, Americana, folk, bluegrass, gospel, and jazz. The famous bars in Nashville, with their thriving live music scene, are the best place to start your music adventure.  

A Grand History

A visit to the Legends Bar is a trip down memory lane and an homage to the live music that makes this city great. Nashville is the home of the Grand Ole Opry, one of the most iconic and longest-running radio and live performance programs in the United States. Beginning in the 1920s, the Opry played a crucial role in developing and popularizing country music.

Nashville would not be called Music City without its longevity and commitment to bringing live music and famous stars to its biggest fans. This beloved institution may be a platform for established artists, but many up-and-coming musicians introduce their talent first at Legends Bar before hopefully moving on to the Opry.  

Tap Your Toes and Sing Along: Live Music at Broadway Bars 

Nashville loves its history, but the current live music scene in this robust city is carving out a name for itself with countless memorable performances and a taste for a variety of music genres. 

In addition to the established country music industry and live country music venues, Nashville has expanded its reach to include numerous opportunities for visitors to listen to jazz, blues, and Americana.

The scope of the live music scene in Nashville has grown to boast an enormous number of live music locations, including honkytonks, blues bars, jazz clubs, and rock and roll venues. Aspiring musicians and local bands perform regularly on these stages.  

The iconic Nashville corridor of Broadway is lined with venues showcasing exceptional live music, drawing both residents and tourists. Downtown Nashville bars are famous for treating all visitors to local flavor featuring a mix of established stars, emerging talent, and special guest appearances by music royalty. The music performances range from traditional favorites to new and exciting artists introducing their talent to the world.   

Beyond Broadway and Back Again

While the downtown district has established a firm foothold regarding famous bars in Nashville, the live music scene has expanded to include major festivals and events to create a powerful presence across the region and attract music lovers worldwide.  

What was once called Fan Fair, the CMA Music Festival is an annual country music festival organized by the Country Music Association (CMA). It brings together country music fans, artists, and industry professionals for a multi-day celebration.

It includes live performances from country music stars and new artists, fan experiences, meet-and-greets with artists, and autograph signings. Attendees typically want to engage in all that Nashville offers to broaden their experience, so they spend time exploring the downtown Nashville bars.

The festival's excitement and energy are hard to beat as it spills onto Lower Broad and Legends Bar, inviting visitors to continue listening.  

The annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival takes place in Manchester, TN, just an hour outside Nashville. This highly anticipated and prominent music festival is known for its diverse lineup of musical performances spanning multiple genres and its vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

The artist lineups typically include a mix of well-established and emerging artists from various styles, including rock, pop, country, Americana, indie, hip-hop, and jazz. The attendees from this festival generally make time for exploring the live music scene at Nashville’s famous bars to create an all-encompassing Music City experience.    

Other festivals and music events to consider while living in or visiting Nashville can be found throughout the year. The Tin Pan South Songwriters Festival and the Pilgrimage Festival also offer live music performances featuring different music genres that will appeal to all attendees wanting to sample the wide range of talent in this burgeoning music scene.

And again, locals and visitors find their way to downtown Nashville bars dotted along Broadway, with the pulsating sounds of guitars, drums, and vocals emanating from their doors.   

No matter where you go in Nashville, the melodies and beats of incredible live music performances will follow. Your musical tastes are in for a treat as you enjoy all that Music City offers. As you explore the famous bars in Nashville, make sure you venture down Broadway and enjoy the rich heritage and talented performers at Legends Bar.    

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