Another Music City Miracle: The Music Scene on Lower Broadway

Another Music City Miracle: The Music Scene on Lower Broadway

Once upon a time, the Tennessee Titans were part of one of the most memorable moments in Nashville and NFL history. The "Music City Miracle" was a seemingly impossible touchdown, scored with only 16 seconds left on the clock, propelling the Wild Card Titans one step further in the post-season. 

While the 1999 playoffs happened years ago, Nashville is currently experiencing another version of a Music City Miracle – a vibrant, growing music scene filling every famous bar in Nashville and spilling onto the sidewalks teeming with musicians, tourists, and residents. And to enjoy what the music landscape offers, there is no better place than to start with Legends Corner.   

A Nashville Tradition Continues 

The roots of country music go back generations and run deep.    

Downtown Nashville bars that play live country music are an homage to a tradition that knows no bounds, and Legends Corner is proud to be a mainstay of classic country music entertainment.

Nashville residents know all the ways to maneuver through downtown and locate their familiar haunts for live performances. Tourists to Music City may need more guidance as they discover the best bars on Broadway and beyond.  

Boot Scoot Down Broadway 

Downtown Nashville features a large area covering Lower Broadway and the greater district that extends across several thoroughfares and culminates at the banks of the Cumberland River.

It is fair to say that Nashville has basically exploded in the last couple of decades with a massive influx of residents and visitors, as well as numerous restaurants, bars, hotels, retailers, professional sports teams, museums, music festivals, and large-scale events and events facilities.  

The streets are lined with honkytonks, blues bars, jazz clubs, and other live music venues that feature live music from local and touring artists. All these bars on Broadway are fun establishments featuring cold beers and exceptional music. Still, Legends Corner stands out as one of the premier honkytonks for listening, dancing, and discovering.

Emerging songwriters, artists, musicians, and bands looking to share their music with a broader audience love performing at Legends Corner because they know whoever is listening at the bar or moving on the dance floor will become their latest fans.    

Is that…? 

Well, yes, it sure is. That person singing on Legends’ stage might very well be a singer or band you know. Many country music stars like to occasionally visit Legends Corner, including Toby Keith, Darius Rucker, Justin Moore, and Luke Bryan. You just never know who might show up to see who is playing or participating during part of a performance. It is always a surprise and always a treat!   

Music City in the Summer 

Along with the rest of the city, the downtown area has grown to include the CMA Fest at nearby Nissan Stadium. Considered one of the biggest country musical festivals in the world, CMA Fest boasts four days of live performances, fan interactions, and various other country music-related activities.

Fans can enjoy shows from some of their favorite country music stars and up-and-coming musicians. This event is an excellent opportunity for visitors to Nashville to enjoy a unique opportunity as country music enthusiasts can immerse themselves in this thrilling and vibrant atmosphere.

And when attendees need a little break from all of the festival excitement, they can wander over to the best bars on Broadway, including a stop at Legends Corner.    

It is also important to note that CMA Fest is only one of many music festivals and other events contributing to Nashville's current Music City Miracle.

Multiple day and stage events like Bonnaroo and the Pilgrimage Festival also take place, as well as smaller neighborhood happenings, crafts fairs, theater, and cultural events.   

The Future Looks Bright 

One of the things that Nashville visitors love to discover is that this city has the perfect venues for corporate events like meetings, parties, and team building. Legends Corner is equipped to provide an ideal space that is fun, relaxed, and conducive to building relationships and forming friendships.

While there are large-scale venues in downtown Nashville like the Music City Convention Center or the Country Music Hall of Fame, a classic honkytonk like Legends Corner can offer a different kind of atmosphere and a one-of-a-kind experience that every member of a company's staff can enjoy.

Once visitors enjoy the best bars on Broadway, many immediately realize they want to return for a vacation or company event. 

So, when residents and visitors to Nashville are reminded of that first Music City Miracle, they may recall a football playoff touchdown worthy of the history books, but we also want our guests to understand what we consider the next Music City Miracle- Lower Broadway filled with visitors enjoying an incredible music scene that spans the downtown area.

What was once a handful of bars and shops is now a thriving, diverse, and energized music scene that often begins with listening to a great singer or band at Legends Corner. Check out the talent for the summer months and give us a howdy. 

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