6 Reasons to Host a Private Event at Legends Corner for the Best Live Music in Nashville

6 Reasons to Host a Private Event at Legends Corner for the Best Live Music in Nashville

Nashville is, of course, The Country Music Capital of the World, so when it comes to planning your next private event, why wouldn’t you plan it at none other than the best place for live music in Nashville? True enough, this city is saturated with live country music venues, but there’s no place like Legend’s Corner! This iconic bar has been graced with country music legends such as Luke Bryan, Darrius Rucker, Toby Keith, and Big & Rich, to name a few.  

When it comes to getting the team out of that stuffy work environment, Legends Corner is the very space to get employees to see each other in a different light and encourage team camaraderie. However, before you make the big announcement of an office event, there are a few things to consider so that your event goes without a hitch.

There are several moving parts involved with planning a memorable event, and finding the perfect venue can be daunting in it of itself. For one, you can’t really even begin to plan other details about your event until you know where your event will be. Secondly, your venue sets the tone for the type of experience your team will have. Ideally, you want the team to have an enjoyable experience, and that’s going to require attendees to get over the event being a corporate event and enjoy it more as simply a great event. The good news is that Legends Corner is in the business of showing guests a good time, and that is what they will do for you! 

When planning your next private event, look no further than Legends Corner. Take a look at six reasons why this iconic bar should host your company’s next private event. 

1. Live Music

All too often, company events are held in hotel conference rooms or stereotypical restaurants where there’s not much to engage in other than the food and drinks being served. Well, while that may be the norm for other companies, it doesn’t have to be the norm for yours. By booking your next private event at Legends Corner, you’ll be able to organize a special music-themed event.  

Company events don’t have to be a boring food and drinks networking scene; to really get your team going and see each other in a different light, treat everyone to the gift of music– good old, live country music!

2. ‘Relaxed’ Atmosphere

The moment you enter Legends Bar, you’ll see that it has a bit of a dive bar type of feel, so that should let you know that stuffy suits aren’t a requirement, in fact, it’s encouraged for you to wear what makes you feel comfortable.  

The overall vibe and feel is southern hospitality at the highest level. Not only does the food taste like southern heaven, but also the bartenders at the full-service bar can whip up some of the best cocktails and serve the coldest beer you’ve ever tasted! You can truly walk in and feel at home. 

3. Hosts Large and Small Events

If you’re worried about whether or not the number of people your event will have will be too big or small, you can rest assured that the venue will be able to accommodate you. Looking at photos it may seem like a small space, however, the venue can hold up to 175 people. Of course, you can always call or send an email to get your event scheduled. 

4. Ability to Book Your Event Around the Artists Performing

If you check out the “Who’s Playin” page, you will be able to see who will be performing on the date of your event. Not only will you and your team get to see some of Nashville’s most talented up-and-coming artists, but if you plan it right, you and your team may also be able to see a country legend grace the stage as well!

5. Perfect Location

Legends Corner is located in the heart of downtown Nashville, on the all-famous Broadway. As you and your team head to the venue, you’ll pass several honky-tonks that will be an experience all by itself, which will set the tone for the wonderful experience once inside the venue. 

6. Booking Ease and ConvenienceOnce on the Legends Corner website, simply click on the “Corporate Events” category. If you scroll all the way down, you’ll see an online form to fill out. Once you submit your form, a venue representative will get in touch with you. Don’t forget to look at who will be performing so that you can plan your event around what you feel will be most engaging for your team. 

The moment you set foot in Legends Corner, you’ll know you chose the perfect location for your next private event. From the country music memorabilia and musical instruments gracing the walls to the multiple bars and, of course, live country music, Legends Corner is the prime location for the best live music in Nashville. To book your next private event, call or fill out the contact form today! 

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